My fur babies

My fur babies

Hello and welcome to the cutest darn blog post you are ever going to read. Get ready to say ‘awe’ like a million times because this weeks post is going to be all about my dogs, my fur babies, my loves.

I have two of the best dogs on the planet, one boy and one girl. They are both large breeds and are six months apart in age. One is black and the other is tan. They both have quite the personality but can be so stubborn when they want to be. Without further ado I am proud to introduce to you, Jaida and T-Rex.

Jaida – ‘Jay-Duh’ Breed: Laborador Retreiver and Border Collie mix. Temperament: Alert, Energetic, Tenacious, Responsive, Intelligent, Trusting and Outgoing. Color: Black. Sex: Female. Age: 6

I got Jaida from a co-worker. Her parents had a litter of puppies and were giving them away. I of course, jumped on the opportunity to have my first dog. The second I saw her little face my heart melted. I was instantly in love. She came into my life late October 2010 and I have cherished every day since.250731_10150266874350170_2288145_n

She is so cuddly, loving, extremely loyal and well behaved, all thanks to my husband. He did a majority of the training with her and it has all paid off. One call and she is sprinting back to us. She will not go through a door way until we go through first and she will not jump up on the bed or couch without being invited up.

She loves laying in the sun and around a fire. She could be so hot but she will not move even when she’s panting like crazy. She could swim until she drowns and play fetch until she passes out. Jaida follows me around constantly, could live outside year round, sleeps on her back, never barks at anything, loves people more than other dogs and always, ALWAYS wants belly rubs. Jaida is such a nudger for bellow rubs. She’s my J-baby, baby girl, princess and peanut. She’s my Jaida.

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Out little family of three grew by one a year and a half later. Intro T-Rex. We did not name T-Rex, Rex for short. My husbands friend was stationed in the military in Hawaii and he was in the process of moving back home to Wisconsin. He flew Rex home and my husband and I picked him up from the airport. Rex had never seen snow before and it was adorable to watch him try and figure the white stuff out. Him and Jaida were inseparable. Come time for military friend to move out and a decision had to be made. We adopted Rex and he has been the best addition to our family. I will never again have only one dog.

T-Rex – ‘Tea-Rex’ Breed: Doberman Pincher and Stafshire Terrier mix. Temperament: Alert, Loyal, Energetic, Affectionate and some off traits being wimpy, short attention span and kind of slow. Color: Tan. Sex: Male. Age: 5 1/2

As mentioned above we did not pick out T-Rex but I would have in a heartbeat. His ears are what I love most about him. You can pick up on what he’s feeling by how his ears are laying. He’s the 550720_10150946381225170_2125620808_ncomplete opposite of some of his breed traits. He was so skittish and afraid when we got him. Fair enough, he flew to us from Hawaii by himself and strangers picked him up at the airport. Not to mention it was November and he had never seen snow or been in the cold before.

Rex is very independent and likes to explore on his own. He doesn’t follow me around like Jaida does. He lays where he wants, roams where he wants to and occasionally checks out whats going on in the neighbors yard. He is not as well behaved as Jaida is and he has a much shorter attention span.  Thunderstorms and any loud noises are his nemesis. You can find him burrowing under blankets or pillows to get away from the scary sounds. Rex loves being under blankets at any time and sleeps like a person, always with a pillow.

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Rex is very athletic and is much faster than Jaida. He runs and runs and runs then finds a nice shaded spot and takes a nap. He doesn’t like the water much but loves car rides. He will ride the entire car trip with his head out the window. Rex does not need much attention. He doesn’t demand belly rubs or nudge his way into your arms. He’s very content as long as he can see you. Rex goes by many names: T-Rex, Rexy Boy, baby boy, punkin, T, Rexer, T-Rexer and Rex. He’s the sweetest baby boy there ever was.

Fast forward 6 years later. T-Rex and Jaida are still inseparable. They play fetch together, they lay together, they’re always next to one another. No matter how old my babies get they will always be puppies to me. I can’t image my life without them in it. They make me happy, they make me angry, I miss them when I leave and can’t wait to get home to see them, they chew up my shoes and a few table legs along the way but I wouldn’t change a thing about the years we’ve had together.

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Thank you so much for reading. Until next time – Ashley


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