What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag

Hello and welcome to another rousing blog post about random things I feel like talking about. This weeks topic, What’s in my bag. A page of information about what I keep in my purse at all times and what items are not always necessary. Of course, this always depends on the size of your purse. I would keep my dogs in my purse if it was big enough. I bet you would too.

As stated in my ‘About Me’ section I have to match my purse to my outfit. What fashion blogger doesn’t? I have an entire bookcase of purses in my beauty room. I will be posting a beauty room tour soon. I don’t own many expensive designer bags because frankly I can’t afford most of the ones I would like. The most expensive purse I bought myself was $45 from Target. Whew, watch out! Big spender over here! Let’s get started.

img_5687The purse I use most often is the BP Zip Detail Faux Leather Tote from Nordstrom $32. It’s the perfect color and goes with anything. It’s also large enough to hold everything I would possibly need in my purse. The handles are really durable and the whole purse is really well made.

Obviously I keep a wallet in my purse. I’ve had the same one for years now. Once you find a good wallet you don’t get rid of it until it falls apart. This one has enough slots for all my cards, a place for my checks and many, many, many more compartments for coupons and receipts. I got mine from Gordmans and it was under $10. The black and white stripes don’t really go with my purse but that’s ok!

Every morning I am digging in my purse for my keys. I don’t keep a lot of key chains on my key ring, just the essentials. Otherwise it gets too heavy. Car key, house keys, Walgreens rewards card and Petsmart rewards card are all I need.

img_5688 img_5690 img_5692

A comb or brush is essential. You never know when you might need one. Always keep a spare hair tie and bobby pins. I hate not having one when I need it.

If there is room in my purse I keep my planner. As mentioned in another post I really like lists. I love crossing things off of said list so I tend to write a lot of things down. I like to look at my week or month and know what is coming so I can plan accordingly. I’m very organized and I plan ahead, unlike my husband. Grrr. My planner is not only for me but him as well. 🙂

Sunglass case and sunglasses. I use to buy sunglasses after sunglasses because I would never take care of them. If I have a case they last a lot longer, funny how that works.

img_5691 img_5689 img_5693

If room permits I keep my travel case in my purse. As pictured below I keep lotion, hand sanitizer, oil sheets, nail file, floss, tic tacs, Ibuprofen, travel size perfume, always a chapstick, a couple lipsticks, setting powder, a blush bronzer compact, extra eye shadows and a mini travel brush set. Whew, that’s lot of stuff in a bag about the size of my wallet. I hate not being prepared.


Thank you so much for reading! What do you keep in your purse? Anything I should keep in my purse that I’m not? Until next time – Ashley





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